Monday, January 31, 2011

DFP Small Business Ad Tagging

This post is mostly for myself to do some training on DFP Small Business - the direct ad manager sales product for DoubleClick. Combined with AdSense backfill this ensures that you can sell premium inventory while never running out of ad content to serve on your website.
You can see a great introduction to DFP Small Business on YouTube, DFP Small business is a great free advertising product for Small to Medium Enterprises.
You might be interested in the following training videos that I used to set up these ads:
  1. Creating ad units
  2. Setting up content based placements
  3. Generating Tags

This ad should show kitties! 

  This ad should show puppies! 

  This ad I'm going to purposely have no content sold to the placement and have it back filled with AdSense data.

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